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Ruhinga | 250g

a washed processed coffee from Kanayza, Burundi 

Aromatic. Bright orange and pineapple cordial sweetness & flavour. Good intensity, with fresh citric acidity.

Burundi is Africa’s middle-child. Often overlooked and under-appreciated, but with great potential to be as talented as older siblings Kenya and Ethiopia.

Due to the small size and yield on the average coffee farm or plot, washing stations are the primary point of purchase for us in Burundi. Unlike other coffee-growing regions in Central and South America where landholdings are slightly larger and coffee-centric resources are more available, most producers do not have space on their property or the financial means to do their wet- or dry-milling. Instead, the majority of growers deliver cherry to a facility that does sorting, blending, and post-harvest processing of day lots to create different offerings.

While the logistics of buying coffees from Burundi are extremely challenging - the heavy figgy, fruity, and lively coffees found here, can remind you of your favourite orange wine.