We’ve been delivering affordable farm and market fresh, seasonal and certified organic fruit and vegetable boxes throughout Melbourne for the past 6 years. Whether you’re an individual or a couple living together, a small family or a business wanting to keep the troops fed, Organic Ease has a box for you.

We think eating local, seasonal and organic produce is a no-brainer – it’s good for  us, it’s good for the environment and it’s great to be supporting organic farmers!

Luke has worked in the organic industry for over 12 years both on organic and biodynamic farms. He's also managed various organic food stores, working closely with the owners on all the operational aspects of the business.

He's had the opportunity to do this in Europe, the UK and Australia and understands the importance of quality fresh organic produce from planting to all the processes to your home.

Luke is a strong believer in community, supporting local organic farms and growers and the importance of working with the environment not against it. His endeavour is to make organic produce more affordable and accessible throughout Victoria.