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Norbey Quimbayo | 250g

A washed processed coffee from Huila, Colombia, roasted in Melbourne. 

Fantastic Tabi variety expression from Huila, Colombia. Candied berries, ripe stone fruit with a soft, creamy mouthfeel. Clean aromatics supported by soft caramel sweetness and luscious finish.

Norbey Quimbayo inherited his farm, La Esmeralda, from his father 25 years ago, likely hoping to continue a life his parents experienced - as coffee farming was typically a sustainable life. The first ten years were amazing according to Norbey, however with the price of green coffee continuing to sink, Norbey knew producing commercial-grade coffee was no longer going to be sustainable. Norbey had to make changes, so he decided to join Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje - a national public institution offering comprehensive agricultural training, amongst other training contributing to the country’s social, economic and technological development.

Learning to produce high quality coffee, paired with his high-altitude farm, Norbey has broken into a better market for his coffees through Cofinet, here in Australia. Five years ago Norbey also planted 5000 Tabi trees and 3000 Pink Bourbon trees to join his already exisiting Caturra trees.

Tabi is a relatively recent coffee variety developed by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), it is a cross between Timor hybrid, Bourbon and Typica. The word Tabi means ‘good’ in the Guambiano dialect

Norbey and his wife produced this coffee. It’s de-pulped 5 hours after being harvested, then undergoes a 27-hour dry-anaerobic fermentation, followed by drying on raised-beds until the desired moisture content is achieved. Once dried, the lot is sent to the dry mill in Pitalito, only 40 minutes from the farm.

Responsibly sourced by the excellent team at Cofinet

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