Lemon-aid Herbal Tea

Lemon-aid Herbal Tea


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Lemon-Aid is an organic medicinal and comforting herbal leaf blend.
It has lemongrass, lemon myrtle, mint, aniseed, hibiscus and some lemon peel. It’s gentle, sweet, zingy and super refreshing!

This tea is perfect for all those people who are feeling under the weather or have the change-of-season blues. Lemongrass kills germs and settles the stomach while lemon myrtle reduces inflammation. Hibiscus is excellent for boosting the immune system. Ingredients are sourced locally and are Australian certified organic.

Brewing Instructions:
Dose: 1g/100 grams | Water: 95°c | Time: 3mins | Infusions: 1

Assembly is a coffee and tea store in Melbourne, Australia. They select an offering based on excellent quality and meaningfully sourced products