Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea


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This incredibly fragrant and aromatic green tea comes from hand picked and rolled leaves. It was grown in the Fujian Province of China, in the Fu Cheng Estate. Jasmine flowers are picked and are placed over the tea, where they open and bloom. Their scent is released and infused into the tea leaves. This is an artisan process and this tea is a beautiful showcase of it. This tea is a Spring flush harvest. In the cup, you can expect full body that is round and velvety - this is like floral, squared. Dry aroma is huge, wet fragrance fills the room. While it’s perfume-like florals might be polarising, everyone who drinks it agrees this tea is amazing.

Brewing Instructions:
Dose: 1.3g/100 grams | Water: 90°c | Time: 3mins | Infusions: 2

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