Organic Sourdough Country Loaf

Organic Sourdough Country Loaf

Falco Bakery

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Falco's Organic Sourdough Country Loaf is made using organic flour sourced from Wholegrain Milling in NSW and Powlett Hill in Victoria.

Falco was born out of the idea and desire to bring traditional baking techniques with an innovative spin to the Collingwood area.

 Falco Head Baker and Co-Owner is Christine Tran. She spent over 12 months at Tartine in San Francisco, honing her skills as an artisan baker at one of the world’s top bakeries. Prior to this, she was Senior Baker at Tivoli Road Bakery. Most recently, Tran has been baking at Loafer Bread in North Fitzroy and hopes to bring across to Falco the same commitment to quality organic produce, and focus on reducing business environmental impacts.